The benefits of a plant-based diet

That’s why we should all implement our diet with a more plant based diet!

Plants are healthy (you know this!) and most of us don’t eat the amount we should do. 

There are million ways to introduce produce in your diet, from juices and smoothies to desserts. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Fiber is a nutrient that most of us don’t get enough of, and it has tons of healthy perks. it’s good for your waistline, your heart, your gut and your blood sugar. 

Eating a plant-based diet may lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, because while animal products contain cholesterol plants have healthy fats which help to lower it. Therefore recent studies showed people eating lots of plants reduce to 50% the risk of diabetes compared to meat eaters. Fruits and vegetables help to alkalize the body, nourish the tissues and load the body with precious nutrients. 

Some vegetables are in fact natural medicines such as dandelion, which helps to detox the body, ginger which relieves the flu symptoms or valerian, known for its relaxing properties. Sticking to a plant-oriented diet is also a great choice to help the entire planet to thrive reducing the environmental impact. Research at the University of Oxford found tat cutting meat and dairy products from your diet could reduce an individual’s carbon footprint from food by up to 73%. 

Another aspect to take into consideration is the emission of Co2, in fact cattle grazing generates massive amounts of methane and carbon dioxide, both of which are potent greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. Last but not least, deciding to adopt a plant-based diet supports the ethical aspect based on animal’s freedom and rights. 

Nowadays making this change can be really easy . There are tons of meat and dairy replacements in stores, such as non-dairy cheese, milk and even meat or burgers which are actually made out of plants with no animals harmed! 

Being a chef who works with plants only one thing I’m trying to show everyone out there is that plant-based meals are really satisfying, flavorful and really eye-catching. 

Look at today’s salad I had. Spicy broccoli with turmeric stir fried cauliflower, pecans and pomegranate seeds. 

 I decided to go for an easy thing this time, but if you still don’t believe me have a look at my weekly recipes and challenge yourself! I’ll be waiting for you the next week with an amazing vegan recipe that will blow you out! Stay tuned…

Spicy broccoli with turmeric stir fried cauliflower salad


Jordy Poggi Autore

Since I was young I approached to a plant-based diet for healty reasons, realizing soon that what we eat can really make a difference. Being aware of this, I started a personal research by attending nutrition courses, and being passionated about the art of cooking, i decided to move to London to work in the best raw vegan restaurants of the city. After a few years, I came back to Italy to raise awareness there by spreading healthy eating and lifestyle knowledge, organising and taking part in events and meetings.

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