Vanja Puskar


Vanja Puskar. The chef behind the New Balcan Cuisine

“How to save culture and heritage from oblivion? We can save them for generations to come if we constantly, diligently, work on on their improvement. Changes are the essence of culture and a result of constant pursuit of new ways of expression. They often occur under the influence of other cultures. Food, as an important part of culture, very clearly reflects influences and state of society through history…” 

Vanja Puskar is the founder of the New Balkan Cuisine concept (launched in 2016) and the head chef of the restaurant Iris. He is considered one of the best European new emerging young chefs.

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Born in 1986 in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina. After finishing his education, he continued his career in Belgrade. He is active on the project “Modern Serbian Cuisine” and is one of the founders of “Chefs Club Beograd”. His culinary approach is based on the use of local foods in combination with modern processing techniques. He supports and promotes local manufacturers with whom he shares a vision. “When you know the manufacturer, you are able to transfer his attention, energy, and affection from the food through the plate to the final consumer”.

The innovative New Balkan Cuisine concept defines food in a new way. It gives a new meaning to traditional Balkan cuisine, seeks new tastes in those already discovered, and another local resource favors additional attention and commitment. The combination of seemingly incompatible flavors and odors, the contrast of rare ingredients, the awakening of all senses. 

The restaurant is located in an apartment with modern furnishings on the first floor of an old building in a not too attractive street called Sarajevska: a modern kitchen, renewed monthly, that explores the area with care, curiosity and pride but far from preparing the classics dishes symbol of this area.

If you are traveling through Serbia you cannot miss the cuisine of Vanja Puskar!!!



Iris New Balkan Cuisine

Sarajevska 54, Belgrade (Serbia)


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vanjia puskar new balcan cuisine




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