Vegan pizza

Have you ever thought about preparing a vegan pizza?! Moreover with your homemade sourdough?!

Take your shot with this incredible recipe!

I still remember when I had my first pizza back in the days when I was living abroad. Well, I have to admit it was quite a traumatic experience! Being Italian I’m quite fussy about pizza, and my favourite is the typical one that was originated from Naples. Thick soft crust and really loaded with tomato sauce! The smell, the taste!!! It’s something completely lifechanging! The one I’ll be going to show you on this article is really easy to make at home, and for this one I’ll be using sourdough which is a completely natural yeast that you can make on your own easily at home with two ingredients. The only thing which is required is a lot of patience, because as you will see in this recipe, before to be ready to be used the sourdough takes at least two weeks. But don’t panic! One it’s done, it will last forever if you learn how to take care of it! Let’s see how to do it together:


Ingredients for the Sourdough:


  • 200 gr flour
  • 100 ml water
  • 1 small piece of apple


Mix well the flour and water with hands till you get a semi-solid compound. Put it in a medium-size glass container and leave a really tiny piece of apple inside of it. Cover with cling film making a couple of holes with a fork on it and then a wet towel on top. Wait for 48 hours in a warm place (25C) close to ripe fruits if possible. After that open it and remove the apple piece. Take 200 grams of it and add the same quantity of flour (200g) and half of water (100 gr). Knead with hands and leave to ferment for 2 more days using the same method as before (do not use the apple piece anymore). Repeat this for 2 weeks and then your sourdough will be ready to be used in all the bread/pizza recipes you want. You can now store it forever in the fridge in a glass jam container just being sure that you feed it at least one a week. To do that just take it out and add the same weight of flour and half of water to it. Place it back in the fridge then. When you want to use it, take the quantity you need out from the fridge the day before and feed it so it can get ready for the next day (keep it in a warm place till you use it). 

To make 3 Pizzas:


  • 200 gr Manitoba flour
  • 300 gr all purpose flour
  • 300 gr water
  • 150 gr sourdough
  • 35 gr EVO oil
  • 10 gr salt
  • Pizza toppings:
  • 500 gr tomato sauce (sweet one)
  • 1 tsp oregano
  • 400 gr grated Vegan mozzarella cheese
  • Salt to taste
  • EVO oil as needed


Mix all the ingredients together except the sourdough. Knead with hands till you get the dough and at this stage add the sourdough. Knead well the two compounds together and leave the dough in a warm place to raise for at least 12 hours covered with a wet towel. When it’s double the volume then it’s ready to be cooked. Sometimes you’ll also have to wait 24 hours. Once ready divide it in three portions and form the classic pizza shape. The edge should be thicker than the center. In a small bowl mix tomato sauce with salt, oregano and a Tbsp of EVO oil. Add it to the pizza, then top with grated mozzarella cheese, onion or any veggie that you prefer and bake it in the oven at maximum heat till the border is golden. Top it with fresh oregano leaves.

Well, after all of that hard work what you can get is for sure the best pizza ever, don’t you think? Well, if you followed the steps correctly I promis you you will never forget about this pizza!

Let’s grab the ingredients and start now!


Jordy Poggi Autore

Since I was young I approached to a plant-based diet for healty reasons, realizing soon that what we eat can really make a difference. Being aware of this, I started a personal research by attending nutrition courses, and being passionated about the art of cooking, i decided to move to London to work in the best raw vegan restaurants of the city. After a few years, I came back to Italy to raise awareness there by spreading healthy eating and lifestyle knowledge, organising and taking part in events and meetings.

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