Villa Venti


On the hillsides of Romagna’s territories, there is a winery that produces amazing wine intrinsically linked to the idyll of the land where it came from.


Sometimes, when a history like that of Villa Venti winery crops up, it seems you are walking into a dream. It feels like you are connecting with something too good, fabulous, and idealistic that you stop trusting your senses for a moment. You have hills, sun, good food like tagliatelle with meat ragout, vineyards that rise between two little villages in the middle of Romagna’s hillsides. Is this real life, or is this just fantasy (as Freddie Mercury sang)?

Anyway, Villa Venti is real; in fact, it is an interesting and amazing reality. Founded between the villages of Roncofreddo and Longiano—the latter was appointed the “ideal village” by the European Commission—they produce, from the middle of Italy, one of the most famous and popular wines in the world: Sangiovese.

Since the Roman age, this area was renowned for the quality of its wine, and in the Middle Ages, the Republic of Venice appointed this area of Emilia-Romagna as its strongbox of olive oil and good wine. Tell me the truth right now; you are curious to taste Villa Venti’s wine, aren’t you?

In a land where you can swim in the Adriatic Sea in the morning, visit a Middle Ages village in the afternoon, and walk in the hills in the evening. We guess it’s impossible that this land cannot be the mother of an amazing wine. Let’s talk about Villa Venti’s Sangiovese wine.

Primo Segno is the visiting card of this winery, and it expresses freshness, sea flavors, cherry aromas, and clay veins: the traditional tastes of Romagna. But if you are in love with the native vines, you must try the Famoso, a vine that comes from the lands of Cesena, the amazing, historical city in the middle of Romagna. Famoso is a gold, fruity, and citrusy wine of very high-quality. It explodes in the mouth like a firework of salt and yellow fruits. If you love to drink a sweet wine while eating cake, you cannot miss the Nanì, a Passito style wine; it’s very warm with hints of spices and chocolate!

It doesn’t matter if you are a sommelier, a wine lover, or you just like to discover new places and tastes. If you have time, you can also sleep at Villa Venti because the vinery is also a farmhouse where it’s possible to sleep in their beautiful rooms to breathe and be part of the nature that surrounds the creation of a bottle of Villa Venti wine. Foraging, being part of a grapevine harvest, making handmade pasta, or collecting fruits for a jam, these are some of the activities you’ll do if you immerse yourself in Villa Venti- and then you’ll drink, of course, a glass of excellent wine!

C H E E R S!


Via Doccia 1442, Roncofreddo, Romagna – ITALY




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