Water Benefits

Water. Everything we need

Let’s talk about the most natural thing in the world, water! We are used to drinking it only as a habit, but we never think about how important it is for our body, let’s remember that inside our body there is an 80% of water.


To enjoy its benefits, there are rules to follow. First of all, we must choose water that is low in mineral content and has a low fixed residue. We must never drink it cold, especially from the fridge because our body inside is warm and a warm and cold contrast is never good. We have to drink it warm! Yes I know you will be saying that it sucks to drink warm water.  But wait, I will explain you because it’s healthy to drink warm water. Facilitates digestion, deep detoxification, deflates the stomach, a good bowel function, improves water retention, improves skin quality, purifies liver, defeats headaches, anti-cellulite, decreases nervous hunger, helps all metabolic exchanges. Is that enough for you?

Here are some rules to follow, drink between meals, use a warm temperature, but not too hot, drink about 2 liters per day. It should not be boiled but heated and when you are out you can use a steel thermos. Last tip to have an optimal pH, never drink the same type of water, but change it frequently. Try to take water in this way and you will discover all its benefits.


Marco Lucenti Autore

Whether its nutrition, sport or a healthy lifestyle... everyone has the right to live their best life!
My name is Marco, I am a drummer passionate about health and well-being and I am a huge advocate for healthy eating and conscious and proper nutrition.
At 35 I discovered that you can live better by making changes to your lifestyle and so I decided to investigate. It was love at first sight. An encounter that changed my life, and perspective and it was the beginning of a journey that opened up a world of knowledge and discovery.

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