The Secret?? Eat Every Three Hours

The Secret?? Eat Every Three Hours

Not a day goes by that someone asks me what the magic formula for losing weight is … so here is the first question I ask them: “how often do you eat?” And then “do you have breakfast?”. The most typical answers are: I only have a  coffee and I get to lunch super hungry, I skip snacks, to avoid getting sleepy at work, I dine with some milk and biscuits because I get home at 9.00 pm and then I go to bed, or the worst one: I skip lunch so I can enjoy dinner.

Now I’ll tell you the secret … ready? It is only by feeding at regular intervals that you teach your body to absorb less calories: in this way you deflate and lose weight!

All your habits listed above do nothing but make your metabolism become more and more lazy. The body perceives a situation of deficiency and, in order to defend itself, it begins to accumulate reserves in the form of fat. In addition, meals that are too far apart, aside from making the metabolism lazy, favor the glycemic surge and the compulsive desire for sweets and carbohydrates.

Skipping meals gives a signal of danger and famine to our body, and therefore it defends itself by retaining everything it ingests! Rightly, it does not know that in the next meal he will be given many calories to have the energy to perform (at least) the vital functions, and therefore it accumulates fat. Even more wrong is limiting water intake to avoid weighing more. Drinking cold water accelerates the metabolism because our body, to maintain its ideal temperature, is forced to spend more energy to warm up the water introduced. 

Eating every three hours also keeps GLYCEMIA and INSULIN at bay. I remind you that these two values rise after meals, and the surplus of sugar is transformed into new fat.

Furthermore, by feeding every 3 hours, cortisol levels also decrease, and being the direct stress hormone responsible for the formation of visceral fat, it is reduced.


My advice is to get used to having a rich and complete breakfast (oat flakes, Greek yogurt, berries and some nuts would be the best): in the morning the thyroid is very active and therefore also your metabolism.

There should be at least 5 meals during the day, including snacks, which you can have with plain yogurt and dried fruit, a fruit and 5 almonds, a banana and a protein shake powder, a protein bar, two slices of bread and 50 gr of turkey breast …

Moreover, before having dinner, if it’s been a while since you’ve had a snack, you could make a vegetable dip or a have glass of fruit juice:  in this way you get your fill and you hydrate your body.

It’s not hard, it’s just a matter of training!


Claudia Cecere

Sky blue eyes, platinum blonde hair and gray, lips that are not very fleshy.
Comfortable shoes, jeans and colorful socks and non-designer bags.
Juventus heart, sporting from birth, illnesses and daily ailments.
Nails strictly with enamel, massages.
I like white, wood and DIY.

I love cooking, eating well and taking care of myself.
I like things that taste of earth, oats, dried fruit butters and raspberries.
Curry, curcuma, ginger, soy sauce, coconut, chicken and rice.

A few years ago I decided to take my life in hand and dedicate myself to my biggest dream: cooking!
Here comes the FIT BAKERY: an artisan shop where you can buy healthy and tasty homemade products. A place where to make healthy cooking that helps people feel better … with taste!


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