What to eat in Langhe – Bra Sausage

Salsiccia di Bra, an iconic food of Piedmontese culture.

Everyone is passionate about Italian gastronomy, in most regions meat is the master of the table and in the world everyone knows the famous Fiorentina steak or Parma ham, but in Piedmont there is an equally important specialty, certainly less famous, but that is a unique product in the world – the Bra Sausage! This is a real raw food with a great story behind it.

The Bra sausage born in Bra, it is a unique case, coming from afar, when it was regulated by a royal decree of 1874 which obliged the butchers of Bra to prepare a product suitable for consumption by the conspicuous community Jewish of Cherasco. A beef sausage in guts!

Now the recipe is a little modified, since a maximum 20% of pork lard is added to further improve the taste, but the Fassona breed beef is always present in the dough, which is characterized by a low cholesterol content. and therefore very suitable for consumption even raw. In the sausage recipe, there are other important ingredients such as nutmeg and sea salt. Each butcher of the “Confraternita della Salsiccia di Bra” (Salsiccia di Bra brotherhood) has a secret recipe handed down for generations, with the addition of spices or wine.

So come to Bra to taste the famous and unique sausage, a product under the auspices of Slow Food, ideal to start a great gastronomic and cultural tour in the Roero and in the Langhe.

salsiccia di bra


Olga Fissore

Born in Russia but Piedmontese by adoption, Olga is a somelierre and a cheese expert. With his Instagram profile Olga_wineteller spreads Pthe iedmontese gastronomic culture to a Russian audience with passion and competence.


bra sausage


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