What to eat in Langhe – Piedmont Hazelnut

The Best Hazelnut in the World

The best hazelnut in the world? The Tonda Gentile Trilobata I.G.P.!

Piedmont is the home of this fine nuts, characterized by a thin shell that gives a high shelled product yield, from 46 to 50% more; it has a perfect seed rich in flavors and a delicate taste; the round tonda is perfectly preserved without the addition of any preservatives.

Hazelnut is the variety of dried fruit that contains the highest amount of vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that fights the action of free radicals by slowing the aging of tissues. It also helps fight cholesterol when consumed in the right dose.

Hazelnut is a Piedmontese heritage, saving the confectionery industry and the economy of the region in the difficult years when cocoa was a rare and expensive product.

The typical local variety grows in Langa and Alta Langa, in altitude between 150 to 700 meters. It can also be eaten freshly picked, but toasted is even better.

Very important is the care of the plantations during the year and especially in the harvest, which takes place from mid-August onwards when it is perfectly ripe. The trodizione wants to be made to dry in the sun and not in the oven, so as not to make them suffer any thermal shock, allowing an excellent conservation and preserving the very delicate taste. Unfortunately, many manufacturers today no longer work this way.

The Nocciola Golosa farm works by respecting this fruit and tradition, its hazelnuts undergo only artisan treatments and their products have been selected by various food guides. They are a young company, pursued with passion by Valentina, a young entrepreneur who has left a steady job to open up to new prospects.

The company’s laboratory is located just outside Alba. Come and taste its genuine high quality products! Hazelnut creams, hazelnut paste, chocolates, caramelized hazelnuts and much more!

You will love them all!



Olga Fissore

Born in Russia but Piedmontese by adoption, Olga is a somelierre and a cheese expert. With his Instagram profile Olga_wineteller spreads Pthe iedmontese gastronomic culture to a Russian audience with passion and competence.


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