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Smoothie time – Green&Protein, Prishtina

Welcome to the healthy world. “Green&protein” is created to help people live a healthier and happier life by eating healthy food in today’s busy life. Their goal is to provide you with fresh, safe and nutritious meals – delicious healthy dishes. Types of food they offer: vegetarian, vegan, omnivore, gluten free. Everything you see here is made from scratch with non-processed natural foods. Most of the recipes are salads, soups, burgers, juices & smoothies refined-sugar free, and they contain a list of all of the goodness that you will treat your body to by preparing and eating them. All about this healthy place can be found on their website. I hope you will love the website just as much as I do. Love for a healthy life makes this place one of my favorite places in the town. In some cases, smoothies can be used as e meal replacement so one fresh smoothie is all it takes while you are walking and exploring the Prishtina city. This is what I usually prefer to do when me and my friend go out for a walk and talk. We must mention the fact that all the beverages are 100% natural, healthy with no preservatives, artificial colors, atrificial flavours. Berry Lucky (a fresh orange juice, banana, raspberries), and Green Glory (a fresh orange juice, celery, spinach, green apple, lemon juice), were our choices as we watch the sun goes down. You are what you eat, so be a healthy one. If you want something special and different, “Green& protein” is the answer.


Green&Protein – Rexhep Luci, no.56, Pristina, Kosovo

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