What to eat in Rome – Maritozzo

Roman Breakfast of Champions: Maritozzo – Pasticceria Regoli, Esquilino

Just writing about Maritozzo makes me wanna grab the car and go to Pasticceria Regoli, one the few traditional, quality shops left in Rome’s Esquilino district where you will find the largest of Rome’s seven hills. In Ancient Roman times, it was one of the imperial neighborhoods. Regoli opened in 1916 when the current owner’s grandparents moved to Rome from Tuscany. They have a large selection of products. However, I dare you to have a maritozzo at breakfast while you are in Rome. These oval yeasted pastries cut open and over-stuffed with a bold amount of whipped cream. When you see it, you may think it is too much. A little heads up, it is not. Place your order at the pastry, pay at the cashier, and ask the staff to send your selections over to their coffee shop next door where you can enjoy your Maritozzo with a warm Italian coffee.


Pasticceria Regoli – Via dello Statuto, 60, 00185 Roma

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