What to eat to have a flat stomach

Some little tricks to have and keep a flat stomach!

Look what a flat stomach you have, you’re so lucky!!! How many times have I said or thought this! First of all, I want to make a premise: I am nobody to tell you what to do or not, but since I am often asked “how to do” and since I myself have acquired a lot of information about it, since I suffer from it, I decided to write down on paper a sort of guideline.



  1. INTESTINAL DISBIOSIS:  it is an alteration of the enzymes and intestinal bacterial flora that populate the intestine. Because of this there are swellings, constipation, diarrhea, general discomfort (mood changes), sleeping disorders and reduced strength. It happens that the bad enzymes digest what we have not been able to, generating air inside the stomach.
  2. YEAST INFECTION : it can occur when, after eating sugar, fruit and carbohydrates, the belly becomes bloated.
  3. SLEEP / CORTISOL:  poor sleep management and an unregulated sleep-wake rhythm results in a reduction in good gut enzymes. The increase in cortisol (also due to stress and poor restorative sleep) leads to this pathological condition in more or less mild forms. (performing laboratory tests can be useful)
  4. FRESH FRUIT: be careful to timing: eating fresh fruit after a meal is not a good idea, since, being the last to be introduced, it would start to ferment before being broken down. Furthermore, if you have a lazy stomach (eg difficulty in digesting or constipation), eating fruit for breakfast is not ideal if mixed with cereals and yoghurt (example), again for intestinal fermentation, and consequently production of air.
  5. LEGUMES: they are characterized by two types of carbohydrates, one of which is not digested by our “good” enzymes. It is true that, to complete the amino acid profile, they should be taken together with cereals (such as rice) but containing both carbo and proteins, for some their digestion could be difficult, thus leading to bloating.
  6. CEREAL the only one that does not create air is rice because by nature it is born underwater and therefore does not create air, unlike the other cereals that grow on the surface.
  7. DRIED FRUIT: dried fruit is rich in fiber and allergens. Be careful not to abuse it, as its inappropriate consumption leads to the production of abdominal air. Prefer sources of fat such as oil, egg yolk, avocado and fresh coconut.
  8. LEAVENED PRODUCTS: pay attention to brewer’s yeast, which can create fermentation in the stomach.
  9. at least 5 MEALS A DAY: why do you eat so many times a day ?? Because in this way I keep the metabolism active, I don’t weigh down the digestion, and I don’t risk attacks of hunger. Furthermore an active metabolism, burns calories and avoids an accumulation of fat.
  10. VEGETABLES: be careful to combine vegetables cooked with raw vegetables: they contain water that is not homogeneous, and increase digestion times. Fibers are ok, but don’t overdo it!

…. SO?

  • take care of your intestinal flora, by helping you with Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes.
  • eliminate alcohol, smoking and limit the consumption of drugs
  • eliminate sugars and refined flours (nothing happens if you have them every once in a while, but too much is not good!)
  • prefer vegetables and cooked fruit. (the banana should not cause problems because it contains less water) (summer mistake: salads of melon, watermelon and other fruits, are full of water!)
  • avoid leavened products, such as bread and crackers, and legumes, which you can slowly reintroduce into your food once a week
  • nuts: eliminate them or at most a handful (about 15/20 gr) per day, including oil seeds.
  • attention to calories: it is obvious that a caloric surplus that lasts over time leads to an increase in fat which will be deposited gradually at the accumulation points (gynoid / android).


Claudia Cecere

Sky blue eyes, platinum blonde hair and gray, lips that are not very fleshy.
Comfortable shoes, jeans and colorful socks and non-designer bags.
Juventus heart, sporting from birth, illnesses and daily ailments.
Nails strictly with enamel, massages.
I like white, wood and DIY.

I love cooking, eating well and taking care of myself.
I like things that taste of earth, oats, dried fruit butters and raspberries.
Curry, curcuma, ginger, soy sauce, coconut, chicken and rice.

A few years ago I decided to take my life in hand and dedicate myself to my biggest dream: cooking!
Here comes the FIT BAKERY: an artisan shop where you can buy healthy and tasty homemade products. A place where to make healthy cooking that helps people feel better … with taste!


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