Slovenian Fresh Water Fish

Trout and garlic sauce: a slice of Slovenia

When you think about something very chic and luxurious to eat soon you’ll think about seafood. Fishes from the sea are a perfect symbol of richness and elegance: oysters, caviar, tuna and other products from the sea cannot be absent on the table of someone who wants to be sure to make a good impression. But there’s a country, a small and green country, just beside Italy and not so far from Venice that hide a treasure: we are talking about Slovenia. This country- between the Balcans and the Austrian Alps – is made of mountains, forests, beautiful landscapes and …lakes! And in its lakes there are the hidden treasures I told you before: the Trouts.

This amazing fresh water fish – sometimes mistreated by the restaurants – is fabulous. Its meat is something that cannot be describe because sometimes words written in a article cannot convey the flavour and the tenderness of a dish. But try the Trout in a typical Slovenian restaurant – or “Gostilna” in the Slovenian language – near the Bled or Bohinj Lakes and you’ll forget tuna, swordfish or caviar. Its meat is so succulent and it’s perfect alongside a garlic sauce with some cabbages. The Trout is full of proteins, D, PP and B1 vitamins, potassium and anti-oxidants. If you can find a good waiter in the Gostilna that offer to you – after the Trout with garlic sauce – a good glass of pear grappa or rakia then you can say that you have tasted the real flavours of the Slovenian Alps. Do you want to know the name of a very good Gostilna just between Bled and Bohinj? Gostilna Pr Pristavc”. There you’ll find a beautiful corner of the world made by rivers, farms, mountains, cows and… Trouts with garlic sauce!


Yuri Bianchi

I am Yuri, a 29 years old guy from italy. I have the strangest cv in the world. I am graduated in Law and I worked as a  journalist in a tv channel focused on food and gastronomy. Some years ago I decide to follow my heart  and…my stomach! Now I am trying my best to become a professional cook. Maybe one day I’ll be a chef, nobody knows! The famous Rock band Ac/Dc says ” its a long way to the top if you  wanna rock’n’roll! “. I have my weapons: curiousity and creativity. I’ ve got to use them well.




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