Wine Holidays by Trotterwine

Let’s Discover the new event of Trotterwine

We met Andrea Zigrossi, better known as Trotterwine, last summer for his first event “Road Trip #1” in collaboration with Gilbert Bages (@drinkinmoderation): an 18-day car trip through the most beautiful scenery in Italy, where they selected and showed through their blogs some of the best wineries of the country.


For who still don’t know him, Trotterwine was born in Rome in 1992. Today at the age of 27 he represents the new school of the wine world, explaining it in a emotionally and more fun way through its social networks, avoiding those predefined terms related to wine that are usually used to describe its characteristics. 

This new school has become a real trend, especially among young people: not surprisingly in 2019, the percentage of people who have approached this field has risen a lot compared to previous years. 

Trotterwine has an enviable experience for his young age, having worked as a Sommelier for the best Michelin starred restaurants between Italy and Switzerland, counting 8 stars in total.

Today a few months later, he launched the spoiler for his next event on his instagram profile: Wine Holidays.

There are 7 emojis (excluding his) and 7 voices that he use to invite his favorite wine influencers to the event. No tags, leaving space for his followers to guess who the participants are, tagging them with a comment in the post.

Undoubtedly an original way to launch the event, but we are not surprised: just open his instagram page to immediately understand that he is not lacking in originality.

What we know for sure, is that the event will be in France from 18 to 20 March, in Narbonne, to the splendid Château L’Hospitalet, a grand winery of the area, managed by Gérard Bertrand, a renowned winemaker of Languedoc-Roussillon. 

Let’s see if Trotterwine will say anything more about the event in the next few days. 

In the meantime, we have already recognized some participants, and you?


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