Wine Holidays influencers

Let’s find out all the participants to the wine holidays

Kaataa some days ago had the pleasure to share with you all the news about “Wine Holidays” by @trotterwine. This event is a meeting of 7 influencers, leading actors and photographer of the wine world. But it’s not a common and usual meeting: they’re gonna meet in France from 18 to 20 March, in Narbonne, to the splendid Château L’Hospitalet, a grand winery of the area, managed by Gérard Bertrand, a renowned winemaker of Languedoc-Roussillon.


Trotterwine has recently revealed all the names of the wine influencers, day after day, announcing them directly on its page, and we were surprised to find characters so different from each other, but which together without any doubt, is one of the groups that most intrigues fans of the wine sector.

Among the participants we find Gilbert Bages (@drinkinmoderation) famous photographer of the wine world, who has already collaborated several times with Andrea (@trotterwine). 

Paolo nenci (@paolonenci) also known as “the social winemaker”, owner of the Nenci winery in Tuscany. Paolo is the first digital farmer in Italy; he often creates many events with the aim of bringing more and more people closer to his world, with excellent results.

We find two names among the partecipants that come from the island of Mallorca in Spain: Giorgia Scaramella (@gioscarasomm) and Stephanie Vilchez (@cheshire_visual). 

The first one is the Head Sommelier of the well-known Marc Fosh restaurant, 1 Michelin star, while the second is a skilled wine photographer: we also saw her previously collaborating with Trotterwine with unique and original shots.

From Switzerland we find @rockinsommelier, the creator of Cultweine. Definitely the most rock n’roll influencer of the team. 

The last participant is Emily Lambert (@emilysenglishwines) known wine influencer from United Kingdom, while the photography of the event will be curated by Martina Marino ( together with @cheshire_visual

We met some of them to find out more:


-@cheshire_visual: “My full name is Stephanie Haeni Vilchez, an half spanish and half swiss girl” she says “I’m in love for photography since when I was a kid but thanks to my partner who showed me the art of wine I decide to create my project: making shots of wine from a different perspective and trying to show also a fun part from that world. 

Trotterwine found me and he came to Mallorca to visit me: there started the idea to work together and take part at the Wine Holidays”. Stephanie continues “I am super excited about meeting everyone ‘cause all the influencers have their own style and personality: it will great for me so I can give every shot an identity!”. “I’m a psychology student and my biggest passions are photography and road trips” she says “ I hope to catch the essence of the Wine Holidays and knowing more about wine ‘cos still I don’t know so much!”.

@emilysenglishwines: “I am a shopaholic, chocoholic, flirtaholic english girl. I am the first 20 years old female sommelier! With the help of Instagram I educate about restaurant, drink and travel industry and…. I enjoy the sexy side of the wine! Let’s share to the other six influencers our passions!”.

@paolonenci: “I took the old little wine company of my grandfather and I brought it from the ground to Instagram. I am the first digital-farmer. I am a kind of influencer, but I try to influence the people to know my wine company! I hope to meet at the wine holidays people hungry, very hungry of novelty, quality and innovation! @trotterwine is crazy…like me! Let’s meet together!”

We also asked to @trotterwine about the choice of participants as he selected them, and he replied: “I have chosen people who transmit their passion for wine in a unique way. I don’t care how many followers or likes they have, I care how they do it and how much passion is behind it.” 

A close-knit wine group that we can’t wait to see in action. 

Kaataa audience: stay tuned, ‘cause we’ll heard about this project in the future and we’ll be glad to update you all with shots and comments of how did it go!


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